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Since its founding 20 years ago, the University of Potsdam has excelled in research and teaching and is well positioned both on a national and international scale. Achieving this under consistently difficult economic conditions speaks for the quality and motivation of our professors, research, and administrative staff. Now it is essential to consolidate and extend this position. We want to play an active role among Germany’s leading research universities on a sustained basis. And, of course, we also want to take top positions in our areas of studies. This is the only way to attract the brightest and most-talented minds to Brandenburg and to offer them career perspectives. We are convinced that investments being made in research and teaching today will pay off for Brandenburg in the near future. This is why we actively engage in qualified training of skilled personnel that we urgently need and ensure a rapid translation of the latest scientific findings into practice. It is of particular concern to us to win strong political, economic, and social partners. When we report about our work here, we do not only want to inform you but also arouse your interest and show connecting factors which improve the density and stability of our network for education, science and knowledge transfer – to the benefit of Brandenburg. Read more …

Centre for Languages and Key Competencies – Zessko

Foreign language skills are indispensable for access to international academic discourse, other cultures, and stays in foreign countries for professional purposes. For these reasons, Zessko offers language courses for students in philological programmes of study and for students of all disciplines in the area of foreign languages as key competencies. In their first semesters, students face many challenges. Therefore, Zessko offers courses and other structured opportunities to facilitate international and German students in the initial phase of their studies. One of the important areas is that of academic key competencies. In order to successfully negotiate through complex curricula and to facilitate the lifelong learning process, it is becoming more important to master skills pertaining to one’s own process of learning. Zessko offers its support in the field of Individual Learning. Read more …

Team Members


Dr. Karl-Heinz Eggensperger


  • Dr. Souad Bensalah-Mekkes, Alexandre Giraudeau, Marion Andréo, Valérie Xoual and Marianne Viader

  • Topic Sheet Authors (French)