• How do most people in your city / village drive to school or to work? Are there traffic jams or overcrowded busses and trains? How long do you drive to work?
  • How good is the local public transport? How much does a ticket cost?
  • Is it common to go by bike?
  • How much does a taxi in the inner city (ca. 10 km) cost?
  • How many cars does a family of four have on average in your country (in the countryside / city)? Is it possible to get around without a car in the countryside / city? Do people do Car-sharing in your country? If so, who makes use of this service?
  • Are cars a status symbol? Are the city and the countryside different in this regard? Report to each other.
  • How fast are you allowed to drive on country roads and on motorways? Do drivers generally obey the speed limit? How are violations of the speed limit punished?
  • What are the accident statistics for your country?
  • How are most goods transported in your country?
  • What is the infrastructure of the future? Does the government invest in rail traffic? If not, what means of transport does the government focus on?
  • Are there any electric cars or busses driving on the road in your country?
  • How do people generally travel distances of over 500 km in your country, by which means of transport?

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