Technology & environment

  • How is energy primarily generated in your country?
  • Who are the biggest power consumers?
  • Are there any nuclear power plants? If so, how and where is the nuclear waste stored?
  • Is nuclear power generation subsidised by the state as a renewable source of energy? If so, how? Which forms of renewable energy generation are there?
  • How much do households pay for electricity in your country? Are they high enough to create an incentive for saving electricity?
  • Are there recycling and waste separation systems in your country? Do people use them? If not, can you think of reasons why people don’t use them?
  • Do schools have some sort of environmental education? If so, do you know of any successful examples?
  • Is the protection of the environment and resources generally an important topic in the media?
  • Is there a political party in your country dedicated specifically to environmental protection? If so, which one is that and what exactly is its policy?
  • Describe the urban development in your country. What do newly built parts of town look like?
  • Are there enhanced green spaces? If so, how is the city made greener?
  • Are there enough playgrounds in the urban residential areas? If not, where do the children play?
  • Are there any problem areas in your city? What are the problems, what are the causes and how does the government try to solve them?
  • Is the displacement of long-term tenants due to renovation and the corresponding increase in rent an issue in the cities in your country? Are the displaced tenants able to fight back? Are they successful?
  • Are there any illegal residential areas at the outskirts of big cities? What are the problems resulting from this? Are there any alternatives for the people who live there?

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