Nature & sport

  • What does your typical weekend look like? Who do you meet, what do you do?
  • What are the popular destinations or meeting places in your area (ca. 20-50 km)?
  • When friends and family meet up in a social environment, do they sing songs? If so, which ones? About what percentage of the population plays an instrument?
  • Are there folklore or folkdance groups? If so, do young people participate or is it rather something for older people? On what occasions can one see your country’s traditional costumes and folkdances?
  • Does your region have certain events or ceremonies that are attended by (almost) the entire community? If so, which ones and when do they take place?
  • What are your country’s favourite sports? Who are the most famous and most popular sportsmen?
  • What sports clubs are there in your city / village? Do the members take part in competitions / tournaments or is it mostly about mass sports (sports for your personal fitness)?
  • Are sports taught at school? How many hours a week? Is it important for children to perform well at sports?
  • Can students get scholarships based on outstanding athletic performances?
  • Does your country have public swimming pools? Do children learn to swim at school? Is the majority of the population able to swim?
  • Is it conceivable in your country to swim and sunbathe in the nude?
  • Is it common to ride your bike? Are there cycle paths? Do you regularly use your bike? If so, what trips do you use it for?
  • Are there big nature reserves in your country? If so, which ones and why is the nature there considered worthy of protection?
  • Which regions would you recommend to tourists that are interested in the nature of your country? Which cities offer the best examples of the national architecture? Where is art most abundantly on offer?
  • During summer, is it most common to go camping, bicycling or hiking in your country? Are you allowed to make a fire in nature to cook for example potatoes, meat or fish? If not, why not?
  • Where do most people in country spend their holidays? What are your preferred holiday destinations?
  • Do many city residents have a small weekend house or a garden outside the city? Do the cities have parks or green spaces? In public parks, are you allowed to have a barbeque, play football, etc.?
  • How can technical household appliances be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way? Do you have to pay anything for this disposal? Do some people dump their waste in nature?
  • Do people in your country have an awareness of conserving resources (energy, water, food, raw materials)? If so, how has this interest in the protection of resources and environment been generated? Were or are there any special campaigns? If so, which ones? Do you personally think these campaigns are useful? Why (not)?
  • Which environmental issues are the people of your country particularly concerned with?
  • Does your country have environmental protection agencies? Which one is the best known and what are its goals?

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