• How do people pay their regular expenses? By bank transfer, standing order, direct debit mandate, cheque or credit card?
  • What do you estimate are the highest monthly costs for a family (groceries, rent, transport, culture, …)?
  • When do you pay cash for your shopping?
  • What currency does your country have?
  • Do you have to pay for your vocational training yourself? If so, are there any subsidies (scholarships, loans)? Furthermore: if so, for which professions is the training especially expensive?
  • Do students have to pay for their studies? If so, can they get a scholarship or a loan?
  • Which professions earn significantly more money than average? And which professions are paid particularly little?
  • Which forms of social security does your country have (health insurance, unemployment benefit, social welfare)?
  • How high is the income tax in your country?
  • Which forms of consumer tax does your country have? Does the majority of the population accept the consumer tax? If not, why not? Do people know how the government spends the tax revenues?
  • Would you say the prices in your country are relatively low or rather high?
  • What things can a person on an average wage not afford in your country?
  • What in principle can (almost) everybody afford to buy?

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