Celebration & ceremonies

  • What are the official public holidays in your country?
  • Which ones are celebrated at home?
  • Which celebrations are accompanied by public events (parades, speeches, plays)?
  • With which celebrations is food particularly important? What kind of food do people prepare?
  • With which celebrations is it important to visit family, neighbours or friends?
  • With which celebrations is it important to give presents? What kind of presents do people give? Is money an acceptable present?
  • How are weddings celebrated in your country?
  • How many guests are invited?
  • How long do the celebrations last?
  • What kind of presents do people give the newly wedded couple?
  • Is it common for the parents to provide a trousseau?
  • Are birthdays celebrated, and if so, how?
  • When people have moved house, do they invite guests for a housewarming party?
  • Are guests invited when a baby is born?
  • How are funerals conducted?
  • Are there any mourning rituals?
  • How are the deceased buried?
  • Is it common to have annual summer parties with neighbours or colleagues?
  • Are there special celebrations for women and for men?

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