Lund University

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Lund University

Lund is situated in the south of Sweden just outside Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest city, and a 50 minute train ride from Copenhagen. Lund University is today Sweden’s largest institution of higher education and research with around 47 000 students. It’s also the top choice for international students coming to Sweden (autumn 2013). The campus area is mainly situated in the city centre with magnificent buildings separated by cobbled streets and green spaces. It also has one of Sweden’s largest science parks located close to the campus. Read more …

Centre for Languages and Literature

Språk- och litteraturcentrum (SOL) – Centre for Languages and Literature – is where you can study Classical and Modern Languages, Linguistics, Comparative Literature and Film. The buildings also host Middle Eastern Studies, European Studies and Human Rights Studies. In all there are around 30 different subjects. The research that is carried out at SOL, by more than 200 researchers, spans from Language Learning and Grammar to How the welfare state is depicted in film. SOL has about 250 employees and 3000 students, out of which approximately 100 are PhD students.  Read more …

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