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Ataturk University

Ataturk University, which can contribute to the continual development of the city regionally and nationally, makes analysis and synthesis, practice the things that have been learned, evaluate the results; graduated students who have abilities of communication, teamwork, leadership, and are able to solve the matters, in which personnel can produce international knowledge and technology, has an enthusiasm of teaching- learning, has adopted to provide produced knowledge for the use of public as the main duty. All studies aim to rise the university at the highest level. The ideal (vision) of the Ataturk University is „to be a university whose education, produced knowledge and technology, and public service are primarily demanded in the world“.  Read more …

German language and literature

German language and literature in the program mainly to Germany, German-speaking countries are given in the historical development of literature and culture. Graduates can work as teachers in secondary schools. With the advantage of knowing the slitting to find a job in the private sector.
German language and literature programs, particularly in the Federal Republic of Germany, including German language and literature of German-speaking countries and cultures are taught in historical development. Both a foreign language and literature, learning by recognizing a new door to the world their spacing, as well as tourism, banking, and education in sectors such as German would provide opportunities Students wishing to use their candidates to welcoming you in German Language and Literature Department, as members of a large would be appreciated.  Read more …

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